Simultaneous, consecutive and whisper interpreting engagements into/from the following languages: Czech, English and German. I am also an officially certified translator of the Czech language at the Supreme Court of the German County North Rhine-Westphalia in Cologne (OLG Köln). Please see (=Database of translators and interpreters on the homepage of the administration of the legal authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia). Apart from my translating and interpreting activities I also offer professional recordings of TV-, Internet-spots or industrial videos in Czech in a "charming, pleasant baritone voice" of a man in his best years, at least some people say. Whether it's correct (or not) you can judge for yourself. The recordings are made by professional voice recording studios of the highest quality using the latest generation digital techniques. You can listen to some examples of my voice either here or here By the way both websites offer a fine range of speakers in many languages.