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For 20 years your reliable partner when it comes to expanding the frontiers of the language communication for my customers. In business life particularly it is not enough in times of vigorous globalisation to speak a mother language only. In global markets English is a language which should be spoken fluently. Still, what happens if you have to read a document written in Czech or German? What do you do when you have to meet your business partners from Prague or Brno who are not quite fluent in your mother tongue? Encyclopaedia Bohemica has 20 years experience in this field. You can rely upon us.

Encyclopaedia Bohemica

The German-Czech Technical Dictionary is one of the largest if not the largest of all existing online technical German-Czech dictionaries. It is a product of more than 30 years long translating and interpreting career, written by a sleepless author generally between 6:00 – 9:00 o’clock – before the first telephone call broke the morning routine. Is it “only” one way German-Czech dictionary but 4300 pages long (classical A4 two columns format), with over 430.000 word pairs. Especially typical “tape-worm” German words such as “Buchsenbundsitzbearbeitungsmaschine” sometimes causing even some professionals an extra systole will be found with a single click – and of course much more. I wonder if there might be its Czech – German twin of the same size and quality on the way – as a lexicographic siamese twin it would probably dwarf anything written so far in this specific field.