A notice for dictionary users who do not have a German keyboard on their smartphones/notebooks etc.:

If you are looking for a word containing an Umlaut (mutatedvowel, e.g. Sandsackträger - Schuldentragfähigkeit – möglicherweise – Tölpel – Düsenjäger),insert the word/vowel into the search window without Umlaut(Sandsacktrager - Schuldentragfahigkeit – moglicherweise – Tolpel – Dusenjager). The same procedure goes for searching words containing the so called Eszett, sharp ß (Muße, Fluß, Paßmarke),where you can use a simple „s“ or a double „ss“. Both forms ofold and new writing are being regarded in thedictionary.Do not use in the search windows adash (Stachel-Annone).If you are looking for a compound containing a dash, just type the first part oft he compound without a dash (e.g. Stachel). You’ll get not only the translation of Stachel-Annone but also all compounds containing the word Stachel.