Welcome to my Website Encyclopaedia Bohemica

Welcome to my Website Encyclopaedia Bohemica, your competent partner when it comes to professional translation, interpreting and text correction while communicating with your Czech or German business partners in their native languages.

My primary goal is to offer my customers a systematic and highly professional support service. Therefore a crucial part of my job is not only translating and interpreting services but also the correcting of texts already translated. You can count on Encyclopaedia Bohemica any time.

As a translator and interpreter I specialize in the following languages: Czech (mother tongue), German (father tongue, for if there is a mother there also must be its male equivalent) and English (dream tongue - well, it really does exist!). My supreme goal is to offer my customers the best quality possible. Therefore I am offering only what I am really competent in, namely three European languages with lingua franca of the modern world at the top of the pyramid. The spectrum of themes and subject matters in all three languages is of course much bigger i.e. economy, modern technologies, high-tech, commerce, banking, advertising and marketing. This website is dedicated to offer my customers professional translating and interpreting services both simultaneously and consecutively. In the interpreting booth I work only with colleagues whose professionalism I've already been fully convinced of. Apart from that, discretion is a must; for you it means that only the translator and the client see the translated document. Perhaps you might need a translation of a text which has to be kept discreet or even secret. In that case you can count on my loyalty and reliability.

And last but not least

Apart from translations and interpreting I also offer a top quality professional voice recording service for TV- and Internet-Spots including trick voices and several Czech dialects, imitation of foreign accents both in Czech or German or even in English. You can listen to some of my voice samples here.

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We were lost until we discovered your services five years ago and haven`t looked back, thanks for everything!

John A - Business Inc.